I didn’t want to feel left out of the creative process in the ever evolving DGRZ website.  I thought about what contribution I could make – Gardening tips?  Recipes? – Ha!  Everyone already can make Sloppy Joes and I really don’t want to be another Martha Stewart wannabe!   I thought about what I enjoy doing and how I could use this website as an outlet for it.  It finally came to me.  I’ve been able to read a lot more books over the past year than I have in a long, long time.   Unfortunately I never keep a list of the books I’ve read and when I do sit down with someone and the phrase, “Read any good books lately?” comes up, I either forget the title, the author, or key parts about a book.  So, this way, I’ll always be able to reference what I’ve read, plus if anyone has any free time maybe they’ll pick up a book that I’ve read and recommended (or panned and then we can have a Siskel & Ebert discussion, only Siskel’s dead).  So, without any further ado and with the help of my wonderful husband (God bless the AV squad that made him what he is today) I present to you:  Karen’s Book Reviews (any recommendations for a snazzier title would be greatly appreciated).



Memoirs of a Geisha

Turbulent Souls